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Monday, March 2, 2020

New Cases of Corona Virus-Ontario Reports

There are three new cases of Novel Coronavirus in Ontario, on Monday, the 2nd of March 2020, bringing a total of 18 cases in the province. The chief medical officer of Health in Ontario, Dr. David Williams was expected to provide more information about the ne cases at a press conference in late afternoon. It was reported that over the weekend, people who recently visited Iran or Egypt, or family members who visited any of those countries had entered Canada, infected with the virus. It has been confirmed that there are 1,501 cases of the virus in Iran with an estimate of 66 deaths in the country. However, a considerable number of people believe that there are more cases of the virus in the country. Egypt has only publicly reported two cases of the virus. Nonetheless, in China, over 80,000 people have been diagnosed with the virus and there are about 2,800 deaths as a result of the virus. Ontario has new three cases: Canada having a total of 27, with eight cases in British Columbia and one in Quebec. The Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu encourages Canadians to stockpile food and medication in their respective homes in case they should fall sick or a loved on has developed the illness. Elliot suggested that it won’t be necessary to go through such measures; people should go on with their daily lives and be cautious. Anyone with the respective symptoms of COVID-19 should contact their public health unit (JONES, 2020).


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