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We appreciate your time in visiting the Health Strategies Reform platform. This is a healthcare information platform that focuses on granting the public access to scientific-research-based articles. Health Strategies Reform publishes research-based articles that are conducted by its Team Members.

By using our platform, you agree to respect our TERMS & CONDITIONS which is governed by our Privacy Policy to create a better relationship with you.

We advise that you carefully read these terms of use before you gain access to our articles, comment on our posts, download our articles, reproduce/alter any materials or articles that are provided by Health Strategies Reform, Plagiarizing our content, subscribing to and linking to (collectively “using”) our platform. Having access to our platform suggest that you will comply with our Terms and Conditions. Please restrain from accessing our platform or using any of our articles if you wish to disagree with our Terms of Use.

Please Note: the terms “Curator” or “Author” or “Us” or “We” or “Our” refers to the owner of this platform, while the terms “You” or “Your” refers to the users or viewers or readers of our platform.

The Term of Use for this Platform is Subjected to the Following:

The articles or contents published on this platform is provided for your general information, knowledge, and use only. It is subject to any possible changes without notice.

The author/curator of this platform disclaims any liabilities whatsoever from your decision to use our platform in your discretion. We will not be held accountable for the influence of this platform upon your personal use.

The articles and materials published on this platform is only intended for general informational purposes and NOT for any construed as SPECIFIC ADVICE for your personal situation or circumstances.

Reading our platform does not create any form of advisor-client relationship between us.

If you comment on any our content/articles/materials, we will respond within our TIME ZONE as it is considered a general advice.

There is cost incurred in running a platform; we may use advertisements or promote our articles or services to offset those costs. If we do, there will be a label indicating the advertisements. “Promotions will be identified, and we will give you a notification that you may receive an incentive for promoting our article or services.

Your use of any information or article or materials or contents on this platform is entirely at your own risk, please note that we will not be liable for that risk. It shall be your responsibility as an individual to ensure that any article or services or information available on our platform meets your specific requirements.

Our platform contains articles and materials that are OWNED or LICENSED to us. These materials may include but is not limited to designs, layout, look, appearance, and graphics. Reproduction is PROHIBITED other than in accordance with the copyright notice that forms a portion of our Terms and Conditions.

Unauthorized use of our platform may give to a claim for damages and/or be a criminal offence.

This platform includes links to other websites or platforms on our REFERENCE section of each article. These links are provided to you at your convenience to have access to other related articles or information. It does not mean that we claim ownership with those website(s). We are not responsible for the content of the linked websites or possible damages to you or your computer if you visit these linked websites.

Your use of this platform and any dispute arising of such use of our platform is subject to the Canadian Laws.


All articles/content/information provided on our platform, EXCEPT FOR COMMENTS, constitute the opinion of the CURATOR/AUTHOR alone; they do not represent the views and opinions of the Curator’s employers, supervisors, neither do they represent the view of organizations, businesses nor institution is Author is associated with. Our platform has no intention to cause harm; nonetheless, if YOU have any concerns of the information/content/articles of our platform, please CONTACT US. “Disagreeing with the information/content/articles of our platform does not constitute to sufficient grounds for YOU to request any removal or modification of any part our platform by the Curator.


All articles/information/materials/content of this platform is property of the Curator/Author of this platform, unless it is stated otherwise. All logos, PowerPoint presentation, Trademarks and videos are property of their respective owners. You are NOT permitted to sell or modify any part of this platform. If you wish to reprint or use any of the articles, please CONTACT US or give “In Text Citation to the respective author of the article” and “Reference the NAME of our platform”. You are welcome to link this platform and discuss its information/articles/content in a respectful manner. You are NOT allowed to use for content/materials/articles/information for personal profit.


The Curator/Author of this platform will not be held responsible for the content of any comments made by COMMENTER(S). The Curator/Author is not responsible for acknowledging whether the content of your comment is breaking the LAWS of other countries or provinces or jurisdictions. Our platform welcomes discussion and other views from readers; hence, the Curator/Author will not delete critical comments or comments portraying a different perception from that of the Curator/Author. However, the Curator/Author reserves the RIGHT to edit, delete or not publish a comment if it is deemed to be potentially ILLEGAL (such as comments containing HATEFUL, LIBELOUS & DEFAMATORY





content). All comments on our platform will be written in ENGLISH. Please, we advise that you restrain from endangering YOURSELF or breaking the law as you comment on our platform. Comments that have the intention to advertise and/or off-topic (“SPAM”) will be deleted. The Author/Curator has the RIGHT to block commenter(s) who have initially published offensive comments, illegal content, and/or SPAM.


You are unauthorized to:

Use our platform to advertise any type of product/services and/or for other blogs.

To infringe the Copyright policy and Comment policy of our platform.

To use malicious software to attack our platform

To use our platform to mine data

To commit any form of illegal actions when using our platform or against our platform.  

To restrict other readers from accessing our platform.

To disrupt the normal functioning of our platform.

To threaten the Author/Curator with or cause any form of physical or financial harm to the Curator/Author of the platform.


The Curator/Author has the sole RIGHT to change these Terms at any time of will. It is YOUR responsibility to make that you comply with the Terms and Condition of this platform before using it.


Health Strategies Reform is responsible for providing valid articles on its platform. As a research based information platform, Health Strategies Reform is required to ensure that the scientific data that is attached to each article is accurate and can be used by OTHER HEALTHCARE RESEARCHERS/PRACTITIONERS, INSTITUTIONS, AND ORGANIZATIONS for their literature review.

However, the CURATOR/AUTHOR of Health Strategies Reform does NOT guarantee that the platform will always be accessible especially during down time that may be a result of the following:


Failures of Your equipment, systems, or local access services.

Previously scheduled maintenance.





Relating to events that cannot be addressed by the Author/Curator suck as strikes, riots, fires, floods, explosions, war, terrorism, governmental action, labor conditions, natural or/and man-made disasters and interruptions in Internet Services with the area where the Author/Curator or Your servers are located.


The Author/Curator makes NO TYPE OF WARRANTY WHATSOEVER. If you choose to gain access our platform, you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK. In regards to the external links REFERENCED on our each article published on our platform, “The author/curator will not be held liable in connection with the display of such links and search results, whether the external or REFERENCE link is breaking the law of any other country or other jurisdiction”.


Users who part of our platform or are willing to provide health-related articles for our platform will have access to restricted areas of our platform. if you were given an audience with one of our team members regarding a content or service, we suggest that you keep our information confidential.

According to our mandate as a healthcare information platform, Health Strategies Reform gives the public access to different health-related research articles from across the world.

Health Strategies Reform is responsible for the content they share as well as those that are from third party commission. Health Strategies Reform must honor their agreements and contracts with their respective partners and collaborators. Also, we need to respect the privacy of those who wish to use our platform to share their stories. Therefore, any publication, stories, or articles that are published on our platform are expected to be authorized and comply with the copyright act.

When you contact Health Strategies Reform, you are responsible for the content/articles/stories you contribute either through comments, or discussion forums. You are encouraged to comply with our Submission Guidelines, and you must hold all the required rights and authorizations to the content you have provided to us.


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This privacy policy was created at If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us via or phone.


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