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hearScope™ is a world-first, FDA registered digital otoscope for affordable access to ear care using a smartphone. hearX Group is a medical technology scale-up with a vision of healthy hearing for everyone, everywhere and develops smart digital hearing health solutions.
On March 9, hearX Group published a beta release of its first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence (AI) image feature to enable health providers to accurately diagnose ear disease. The hearScope AI feature classifies an image into either normal, wax obstruction, chronic perforation, or abnormal results along with a confidence rating. This feature will be free while in beta release.

The hearScope AI image classification feature enables health practitioners to receive instantaneous classification results on images taken by the digital otoscope. The AI system is trained on thousands of tympanic membrane images diagnosed by ENT specialists. The AI feature only works with the hearScope app that is connected to hearScope hardware, a smartphone digital otoscope that takes high-quality images and videos of the eardrum. The advanced AI classification feature will support clinicians in their diagnosis of ear conditions. This beta version is in the process of being certified and is not currently intended as a standalone diagnostic tool, nor does it replace the diagnosis of a health practitioner. The ear condition categories are continually updated to support more ear disease categories for classification. Future updates of the beta version will expand the supported range or condition categories.

Currently, the AI classification feature can classify normal tympanic membranes with an accuracy of 99%, wax obstruction with 100% accuracy and chronic perforations with a 98% accuracy. The abnormal classification currently indicates a high probability of a pathology present in the ear and suggests that the individual should opt for a professional examination of the tympanic membrane. The AI image classification feature of hearScope is working towards classifying images in various additional pathology categories, such as acute otitis media (AOM), otitis media with effusion (OME), myringosclerosis, cholesteatoma, retractions, grommets in the tympanic membrane, foreign bodies in the ear canal with high accuracy. The hearScope smartphone video otoscope is an accurate, innovative solution that can reduce medical expenses, rapidly assist with the diagnosis of ear diseases, as well as support health practitioners when examining patients. 

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