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Are you looking for an opportunity for people to listen to your story? Well! you can maximize your opportunity of getting your stories published through  HealthStrategiesReform. This includes features and trend stories that you are looking to get attention within your various countries.

Submission Process: 

We do not publish unsolicited news articles or "by lines" on other topics other than health-related articles. Furthermore, people can use our platform to share their articles or stories; however, the articles would be reviewed by HealthStrategiesReform before publishing.

HealthStrategiesReform is committed to reporting health-related news and articles based on scientific evidence. We allow healthcare organizations, students, freelance writers and researcher to use our online platform to publish their articles. We are all about giving the public access to different health-related news.

If you are interested in sharing your story with us and giving a voice to the public, please contact our team on Please, we require you to include "GO Public" in the subject line.

Using Our Content: 

We advise those who use our content for their personal or business purposes should please reference our content; author's name-Alina Ngadiuba, date of our article, title, and URL of our website. 

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