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Health Strategies Reform was re-branded and re-named on the 14th of February 2020 from Alina’s Health Strategies. Health Strategies Reform started out as a healthcare blog where research studies were published to give the public access to healthcare information. Health Strategies Reform focused on an audience from European Countries before it grew and expanded to over 70 different countries across the world with over 21,000 page views.

Health Strategies Reform is a healthcare information platform that publishes research-based articles on healthcare topics from different countries. This is a non-registered company which was founded in the year of 2016 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania by a public health student, Miss Ngadiuba, Alina-Ifunanya-Nicoleta. Health Strategies Reform has conducted three researches in three different countries (Nigeria, Romania, and Canada); all projects done by the author and curator of Health Strategies Reform, Ngadiuba, Alina-Ifunanya-Nicoleta as a student.

Health Strategies Reform covers healthcare topics that are associated with Politics, Economic Stability, Lifestyle and People. This platform is trying to take the next step; we are looking for contents from various authors that are willing to publish on our site. We also want to share peoples' stories on their live experiences with any health threatening condition, or traumatized events such as sexual abuse, accidents, disabilities, mental health problems, medical diseases etc. 

All articles published on Health Strategies Reform are non-plagiarized articles with appropriate in-text citations and references. The articles on the platform are available for the public for easy access to information. Students, researchers, healthcare practitioners and the general public can use the content on the platform for their respective project as long as they give credit to Health Strategies Reform by using the name of the author/curator “Ngadiuba, Alina” and the name of the platform “Health Strategies Reform” for source of content.

As of the 20th of March 2020, healthcare organization from different parts of the world such as South Africa, United States of America and Canada have reached out to Health Strategies Reform to write articles on their respective clinical/medical products or their ongoing health-related projects. Health Strategies Reform has conducted an online conference interview with THREE healthcare organizations/foundations/companies (HearX, Pulse Center for Patient Safety and Education and Perfect Sleep Pad); we conducted these interviews with their respective CEOs, Presidents and Market Analysts. We publish these articles on the platform to give the public an insight on the different healthcare projects and health improvement products done across the world.

The aim of establishing this platform is to give the public access to healthcare information.

My name is Ngadiuba Alina, I am a public health researcher. I spent most of my childhood in Nigeria before I relocated to Romania at the age of 17. I founded Health Strategies Reform as a healthcare blog where I published my research projects, I conducted during my first semester as a bachelor’s student in Cluj School of Public Health, University of Babes Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The purpose of my blog was “to give the public access to health-related research articles”. I obtained my first research certificate from an International Conference in Cluj Napoca Romania called ICONIC, for research project on Unintentional Injuries Among Children in Romania and I received my second research certificate from developing and conducting a pilot study on "Micro Performance Appraisal" for McCormick Care Group in London, Ontario, Canada while I was a student at Fanshawe College, in London, Ontario, Canada where I completed my post graduate program in Health Systems Management. 


As a registered organization, I offer publication services where I collaborate with healthcare students, organizations and/or practitioners to publish research articles. I also consult student on scientific writing useful for research articles. I am proud to say that I have partnered with a private company Pulse Center for Patient Safety in New York, United States of America. 

Our Motto:

Research is the key to health-related knowledge!



To be the leading healthcare publisher wordwide

To give people access to healthcare related information and reform.
To conduct international research and provide grants for healthcare professionals to conduct research.  

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