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Monday, March 16, 2020

United Kingdom Response To COVID-19:

Image result for coronavirus in ukWorld Health Organization has declared Europe the epicenter of the pandemic of novel coronavirus. It has also been stated by the WHO that there has been about 5000 death across the world as a result of the virus. In the United Kingdom, 11 people have died due to coronavirus, including one death in Scotland. There has been a rapid spread of coronavirus in the UK resulting to 798 confirmed cases across the country- an increase of 208 in comparison with Thursday. However, health officials believe that the actual number of people that could be infected with the virus is between 5,000 and 10,000. Sir Patrick mentioned that he hopes the British government’s approach to address the virus would create a “herd immunity in UK”(“Coronavirus: UK measures defended after criticism - BBC News,” 2020) .
The prime minister of United Kingdom announced that the British government officials will delay their response to address the outbreak of COVID-19, and warned that Britons that they are facing the “worse public health crisis for a generation” and they should be prepared “to lose their loved ones and family”. The United Kingdom would not be taking the same measures as the result of the other to tackle this rapid outbreak. The government later stated that “it doesn’t believe that shutting down large scale gatherings and closing schools-like Italy, France, Germany and Spain have done would be effective in preventing the spread of the disease”(“UK coronavirus response: What does Britain know that Europe doesn’t? - CNN,” 2020).

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UK coronavirus response: What does Britain know that Europe doesn’t? - CNN. (2020). Retrieved March 16, 2020, from

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