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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Understanding The Aboriginal People

The residential schools were government owned and sponsored by a religious system established to assimilate the aboriginal children in the Euro-Canadian tradition. Despite the fact that the first residential facilities were in the New France, it was usually referred to as a custodial school that was introduced after the
1880s. Originally created by the Christian churches, the Canadian government attempted not just to educate them and convert their culture and adapt them into the Canadian society, but the residential schools also disrupted the lives of the native population and communities; thereby, resulting to a long-term problem among the indigenous persons.  

The institution forcefully separated children from their families for a long period of time and banned them to recognize their Aboriginal heritage and culture or speak their native languages. The children were critically sanctioned if they did not obey the strict rules enforced by the school. The children faced abuse from the staff of the residential school staff such as physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse. They were taught with an inferior curricular structure, which is normally taught up to the 5th grade. These lessons were focused mainly on manual labor in agriculture, light industry (e.g woodworking), domestic work such as laundry and sewing. Furthermore, any studies indicated that a lot of children were beaten and strapped, shackled on their beds and the rest of the children were punished by having needles shoved on their tongues as a consequence of speaking their language. These abuses were also followed with overcrowding, poor sanitation and inadequate food and access to healthcare. The medical inspector PH Bryce reported 24% of death rate among the aboriginal population within the school around the year of 1907.  



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