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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Health Crisis in Syria

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According to WHO, attack rate on the health sector in Syria has continued to increase over the past years. There has been 67 verfied attacks on the health facilities, workers and infrastructure within the first two of 2018, and about 50% of verified attacks in the year of 2017.  

Dr. Tedros Adhanm Ghebreyesus General Director of WHO, stated that “this health tragedy must come to an end”. “Every attack shatter communities and ripples through health systems, damaging infrastructure and reducing access to health for vulnerable people. WHO calls on all parties to the conflict in Syria to immediately halt attacks on health workers, their means of transport and equipment, hospitals and other medical facilities.” 

The attacks on the health system occurs in the most needed places for medical attention. An estimate of 2.9 million Syrians is living in the UN-declared hard-to-reach and besieged locations, with the collaboration of the World Health Organization providing health services to the areas that lacks access to healthcare.  

About 400,000 individuals are living under siege for half a decade in East Ghouta, running out of the most basic health supplies in the area, with at least 1000 people in urgent need of medical evacuation. “It is unacceptable that children, women, and men are dying from injuries and illnesses that are easily treatable and preventable,” said Dr Tedros. 

70% of health supplies provided by the WHO aimed to reach East Ghouta were restrained by the authorities and sent back to the warehouse of the World Health Organization. The confiscated items were desperately needed to save the lives of the population, as well as decrease the suffering rate. The medical supplies are also routinely removed from the inter-agency convoys to the hard-to-reach and besieged locations.  

Seven years of conflict has affected the healthcare system in Syria. At least half of the country’s public hospitals and healthcare centres are shot down or in bad conditions to function. More than 11.3 million people are seeking for the immediate health assistance possible, with 3 million injured and disabled people.  

WHO ensures that the people in Syria have access to the essential supplies, life-saving healthcare and has delivered more than 14 million treatments and medications in the country, which includes cross-border and cross-line services.  

“The suffering of the people of Syria must stop. We urge all parties to the conflict to end attacks on health, to provide access to all those in Syria who need health assistance, and, above all, to end this devastating conflict,” said Dr Tedros. 

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