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Monday, February 6, 2017

Improving Access to Emergency Healtcare

Improving people’s access to emergency medical services by strengthening Integrated emergency system and its further development 

The reality and practice of improving health care service is complex, and as different programs and sectors are varying approaches towards the same objectives of improving access, quality and efficiency. But before we get to the objectives of the improvement of people’s access to health care services, let us understand the concept and purpose of such task.
Improving access to health services is a priority case in Romania. This case study helps in accessing the primary and specialty care suggestions at a great opportunity of improvement. And with this, it is entitled that public health officials should develop a strategy plan for the improvement of health care accessibility.
As Romania has a high prevalence of both communicable and non communicable diseases, polices should be implemented for the occurrence of diseases such as cancer and tuberculosis (TB).  These policies need to be conceptualized to give it a means of achievement.

Accessibility of medical care services: -

Medical care services should be available for not just the high income population but also for the low income population. It is the public health officials’ responsibilities to ensure that there are adequate supplies of medical care services such as clinical services and hospitals. Under this strategy we have the following:

Care is available:

As initially stated, it is important that the availability of health care services is assured to both low income and high income populations. Sufficient supply of clinics and hospitals at both urban and rural communities where people can be diagnosed and treated promptly, and can obtain quality preventive care early enough to avoid illness or complications. Services should be offered within a reasonable distance from where people live.              
Volunteers should enroll their patients in public programs, ensure transportation to health care appointments, provide translation and interpretation services and/or case study manage those with chronic and costly illness. Low income population should be privileged for they do not understand their medical conditions or are able to afford the health care services.  
Care is appropriate:

The right mix of health care professionals exists to attend to people’s most frequent needs. Cultural and linguistic barriers are addressed in such a way that patients get proper diagnoses and can communicate effectively with their providers. For this to be achieved there should be an organized “training” among both the health care professionals and public health officials. This educates them more on how to communicate with their patients and approach a problem effectively. Also, the health care professionals such as doctors, chemists, nurses and so on can prescribe or educate their patients more about their prescribed medications.

Sufficient supply of ambulances; Emergency Medical Services (EMS): -
This is defined as a comprehensive system which provides the arrangements of personnel facilities and equipments for the effective, coordinated, and time delivery of health and safety services to victims of sudden illness or injury.
The purpose of EMS focuses on providing timely care to victims of sudden and life-threatening injuries and/or emergencies in order to prevent needless mortality or long-term morbidity. They function as the following: -                                                                                         Accessing emergency
Care in community
Care in route
Care upon arrival to receiving care at the health care facility
As Romanian medical care is not up to the Western standards due to the fact that basic medical supplies are limited, especially outside major cities, it is significant that the public health officials meet up to such criteria of sufficient of EMS. Collaboration with private medical hospitals or investors can contribute in the improvement of EMS.

Reducing the cost of medical services: -
One major problem of the health care system in Romania is financial stability. As the cost of health care services increases, the chances of accessibility declines by half, leaving the low income population defenseless (that is to say, their medical conditions increases for they cannot afford the services provided by the health care).  If the government emphasizes on the high price of the health care services, it is at least expected for the health care professionals to take matters into their own hands. It is easier for them to organize fund raising because they have contacts who can invest in such campaigns. With fund raising as well as  the collaboration with public health officials, projects can arise. Such projects can align with non-governmental organizations whose responsibilities are to ensure that the low income populations are enrolled in programs, and provided free medical privileges.

Conclusion: -
With such strategy, health accessibility will be improved. The prevalence of diseases will decline.

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