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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

NGOs Founded in Nigeria: Encouragement is the Key to Success

Encourage those who provide services for others, by making sure that what they work for remains a legacy. Help the NGOs who dedicate their time and resources to invest in needy and vulnerable people. Promote them, and show that they are being recognized for their hard work. Give them the opportunity to make  a change in the world, for we as individuals, cannot rely on the government for everything.


New Millennium Foundation, Enugu State, Nigeria, Founded in August 13th, 1985 by Mr. Emeka Nwandu, has achieved a lot by restoring hope to the needy and giving them the faith that they deceive. With a vision of "becoming the best Non Governmental Organization in Africa aimed at changing the lives of the less privileged, orphans and vulnerable children in Africa", and goal of 
"creating  a conducive environment that upholds the rights of children to survive, develop, protect 
and ensure that they have full potentials and participation in the society". 

HOPE TO ALL AFRICANS by Mrs. Christy Chioma Ndu

In March 2013, Africa was declared the world’s poorest continent by the United Nations. The continent is struggling with malnutrition, hunger, starvation, poor infrastructure, among others.
In other to restore hope for all Africans, NGOs are established, for example, in Nigeria, where there are at least multiple NGOs, carrying the responsibility of providing for others.
Hope for all Africans, established by Mrs. Christy Chioma Ndu, was established in 2015, and incorporated in July 5th, 2016 by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.
The mission of the organization is to impact and empower the less privileged, orphans, patients in the hospitals, the destitute, prisoners etc. Mrs. Christy Chioma Ndu, further highlighted on the roles the organization has been playing since its inception. Hope for All Africa, has been helpful to many homes such as motherless babies’ homes located at different states in Nigeria, such as Ogun, Anambra, Lagos etc. furthermore, the organization has reached elderly homes and prisons.

Mrs. Christy Chioma Ndu, explained while she invested in NGO, had a revelation to establish an NGO, in addition, “I have passion to help the needy, the less privileged, the motherless, etc. it hurts me as I watch these people suffer and go through pains, without anyone giving them hope or succor. We go to hospitals and pray for the sick, inspire the less-privileged by giving them words of encouragement, materialistic things such as clothes, food, drinks etc.’’ Christy beckoned on Nigerians, and corporate organizations to assist in giving hope to the needy. She expressed her gratitude to her husband, Fr. John O. Ndu, for supporting her all through the way. 

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